How Can Orthotics Help You?

How can our prescription orthotics get you back on track and back into your sport and every day lifestyle?

Prescription orthotics are specialist shoe inserts prescribed and designed to influence the structure and function of your body’s muscles and joints. They control biomechanical alignment, correct or accommodate foot deformity and protect from injury.

Our  custom – made orthotics using 3D Digital Foot Scanning Technology optimise the way your muscles and skeleton ‘musculoskelatal system’ work together. This is achieved through altering and improving the angle at which your foot strikes and leaves the ground we stand, walk and run on.

Our Prescription Orthotics are fabricated to your specific prescription and take into account your body composition, weight, injury, condition, activity and sport.

Do you suffer foot, ankle, knee or lower back pain – plantar fasciitis, shin splints, patellofemoral syndrome or illiotibial band syndrome –  arthritic pain, sciatica or diabetes?

Many of us are affected by one or more of the above conditions. Our highly experienced podiatrists understand that the underlying problem may not always be located around the area of the body that develops the symptom. Therefore the focus is directed on assessing not just the symptom, but more importantly getting to the root of the cause and addressing the problem.

Our prescription orthotics are not only a means of treating painful conditions of the foot, lower extremity and lower back but also to optimise movement at joints and muscle during sport and activity so that future injuries can be avoided.

Have you noticed your feet rolling inwards when walking or running? Do you suffer achillies tendinopathy, shin splints or  knee pain? How tight are your gastrocnemius muscles, how painful is your Illiotibial band?

Pronation occurs when our feet roll inward as an important part of the gait cycle. It is the natural way the body absorbs shock and protects our joints.

Over 80% of us over-pronate.This happens when we pronate too deeply for too long, and not giving the foot a chance to recover and supinate or roll outwards.

Over-pronation causes an imbalance in foot posture and leads to wear and tear to the muscles and joints of the body. These imbalances often present as knee pain, pelvis misalignment, lower back pain and even headaches.

Unlike pre-moulded off the shelf orthotics, our custom-made devices are designed to a specific prescription much like you would have when being prescribed a pair of glasses.

Based on your biomechanical & musculoskeletal assessment, prescription and use of the latest 3D Digital Foot Scanning Technology, our custom – made prescription orthotics give you peace of mind and a tailor made solution to injury prevention and pain reduction.

Arch supports are not orthotics 

The foot is an engineering marvel and requires more expertise than basic supports bought online or in store to address biomechanical problems.

Arch supports pack the area under the arch of the foot and may feel comfortable in the short term. However, the long term use of arch supports will weaken the arch of the foot and lead to biomechanical problems in the foot, ankle knee, hip and lower back.

Orthotics do not directly support the arch but rather improve foot function enabling the body’s own support systems to function efficiently. This leads to stronger, healthier feet and relief of symptoms.

Our Prescription orthotics  with 3D Digital Foot Scanning  Technology. The most effective way to get you back into your sport and every day lifestyle, reduce pain, prevent further injury, protect joints, and improve your posture.

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