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The team at Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic are your specialists in foot, ankle and lower limb assessment and treatment.

We specialise in Footscan Gait Analysis, Phits 3D orthotics, Nail Surgery and General Footcare. We are renowned for taking a fully holistic approach with our patients to improve their emotional and physical lifestyle.

Martin and Angie Parry are here to support and advise you moving forward  - every step of the way using a wealth of experience and specialist skills gained through guiding and treating thousands of happy patients. 

Co-director - Specialising in Footscan Gait Analysis, Phits 3D Orthotics and Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Injury Assessment

Growing up surrounded by the majestic landscape of Snowdonia, I took to hill running at an early age and later got involved in triathlon, eventually representing the Royal Navy and Royal Marines team in competition. This brought me huge satisfaction but my tendency to push myself ever harder had consequences in the form of recurring injuries. 


From this, I developed an interest in lower limb sports injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment. When I left the Royal Navy, I studied corrective exercise through the National Academy of Sport Medicine and became a personal trainer in London. A few years later, I decided to pursue a career in podiatry in order to fully understand the complex workings of the foot, ankle and lower limb.


My interest in the anatomy of the foot and ankle and how it impacts the rest of the body has deepened through my years of podiatry practice. We have recently integrated our new - state of the art Footscan Gait Analysis system and Phits 3D Orthotics system into Podiatry & Chiropody Clinic. This has been a game changer in the way we can assess, review and treat our amazing patients moving forward.

I continue to keep up to date with all the latest medical and technological developments so that I can always offer you a gold standard solution.


Footscan Specialist and Phits Expert



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Co-director - Specialising in Nail Surgery & Podiatric Medicine

Before training in podiatry, I spent six years practising holistic therapies. This has given me an open-minded approach, to look at the body as a whole rather than just symptoms in isolation, and seeking to dig deep to the root cause of your difficulties. I will communicate clearly to ensure you understand so we can work together to reach a solution.


My early adulthood was filled with adventure, travel and valuable life experiences exploring new lands and cultures. I worked in several different countries and love dancing and hiking. On my travels I was intermittently slowed down by foot pain which seemed inexplicable, although I had been subject to comments about my “funny walk” as a youngster. I did not know at the time that this was down to a genetic condition which was causing undue stresses in my feet.


My foot pain led me to investigate solutions and this brought me ultimately to my vocation, in the form of podiatry. My new-found knowledge enabled me to take control of my own pain and now, with the help of orthotics (specialist shoe insoles), I am free once again to pursue adventure in comfort.


I specialise in nail surgery and enjoy podiatric medicine. Raising awareness on the importance of foot health and mobility is my mission, as well as attracting people into our very small profession. I highlighted this in a book I featured in called 'Time to Reign' which became a #1 International Bestseller.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you would like to know more about the interesting and rewarding profession of podiatry.


Clinical Receptionist

I have been a Clinical Receptionist at the Rye clinic since 2017 and enjoy my varied role, especially meeting and assisting patients.


I was born and raised in London and following my education in Wimbledon, I commenced work as a Receptionist for a local newspaper group. My career path has covered a variety of positions including Administrator/Secretary, PR Assistant, Secretary to Chairman, Programme Administrator and Project Officer.  These job roles covered a variety of different companies within Government Departments, Public Relations, Insurance Valuations, Telecommunications and the Military.


I gained valuable knowledge and experience from these companies. Not all were office-based, as I had the opportunity to travel within the UK.  My early career was based either in the City of London or the West End where I enjoyed the diversity, buzz and exciting atmosphere.


I moved with my husband to East Sussex in 1999, and we now live in Kent with our daughter.

Very, very kind and caring staff who conduct themselves with truly professional and honest dignity - along with a friendly and reassuring atmosphere, it was an absolute pleasure having my feet sorted out there Thank you 😉.

I have been going to these lovely people for many years. Both have time to listen to you etc. Fully recommend them. Angie even helped me out with a problem when she was out of her works hours once. Good luck to you both.

Really friendly and professional service, went over and above expectations, could not have been more helpful. Made to feel we were in expert and capable hands. My daughter and I highly recommend them! 

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