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Angie specialises in nail surgery which is a permanent solution to your painful in-growing toenails. Performed under local anaesthetic you will be pain-free within an hour. Two aftercare appointments are included with this service.


There are several months wait for nail surgery under the NHS, we can provide you with a nail surgery appointment within 10 days. Why be in pain for any longer than necessary?

What is involved?

Nail surgery involves the permanent removal of either one or both sides of a nail or the total removal of a nail. This is known as partial or total nail avulsion. Once the nail spike is removed under local anaesthetic, a chemical called Phenol is used to kill off the nail cells that caused that part of the nail to grow.

The application of Phenol to the nail bed (Phenolization) is highly successful and is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ permanent solution for painful, recurrent or ingrowing toenails.

An initial consultation is required to assess if you are suitable for nail surgery.


The procedure takes around 90 minutes and you will need to take the following day off work or school. Two days after your surgery you will return to have your dressing changed. The nail will need to be dressed for 6 weeks and kept dry. If you like swimming it is best to have your surgery on either side of the summer.

Nail Surgery
Nail Surgery Injection

This clinic is absolutely brilliant

My in-growing toenail had finally got away from me and, having never used a chiropodist before, I had deferred any visit, uncertain as to whether such clinics were professional or 'therapeutic'. Well, forget those qualms. This clinic is absolutely brilliant. What was an incredibly painful problem was resolved quickly, painlessly and with good humour and consummate professionalism. I could not be more delighted and additionally, the wise advice I received has helped resolve other issues. Why didn't I go five years ago! Thank you.

My problem is ingrowing toenails.

After the consultation with Angie, who is very knowledgeable and professional, the recommendation was to have nail removal surgery under local anaesthetic.  During the operation, Angie provided info on the procedure.  It was painless and the time went quickly.  Another appointment was made for 2 days later for the nail to be checked and redressed.  The aftercare is excellent, as you are provided with all the necessary dressings and advise to help with recovery.  I have had 4 nail surgeries and I can highly recommend this service from this Clinic.  Thank you, Angie.



  • Ingrowing toenails

  • Thick and deformed nails

  • Fungal nails that have not responded to previous treatment.

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