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A verruca is a skin condition caused by the Human Papilloma virus which causes tiny capillaries to become swollen and protrude to the surface of the skin. This gives the appearance of the tiny black dots. The virus also causes an uneven and crumbly looking type of callus. It is the callus that makes a verruca uncomfortable to walk on.

There is a way to tell the difference between a corn and a verruca – you press a corn and squeeze a verruca. Whichever one is painful will determine if it is a verruca or a corn.

Good to know

Verrucae can be picked up on any surface which is walked on barefoot. The reason why some people pick them up and not others is down to a stronger immune system. Children pick them up as a rite of passage and not every child realises that they may have had one. Some verrucae in children can become quite painful. An over-the-counter topical paste can be applied, and this treatment usually works. If the verruca is stubborn then we can offer stronger treatments for all ages.


We advise against treating children under 10 years old in our clinics as they tend to get frightened by the thought of a treatment which is in fact gentle. Please contact us to receive via email a free Duct Tape Regime protocol to follow. We also sell zinc oxide tape which secures the duct tape in place. Zinc oxide tape must not be used if you have an allergy to plasters.




We recommend that addressing factors that will stimulate the immune system are likely to be as effective as any treatment. By this we mean, improving stress levels, a healthy diet, keep hydrated and have regular fresh air and exercise. The homoeopathic remedy called Thuja works for some people. For those of you who have tried everything, we offer dry needling. It works by breaking down the verruca to create a controlled inflammatory response which then stimulates the body’s immune system to recognise and destroy it. This is carried out under local anaesthetic. 

Angie was absolutely fantastic

We saw Angie at Rye clinic where she treated my daughter for verrucas. Angie was absolutely fantastic in the way she explained clearly and with reassurance about verrucas - how they can come about and how best to manage them. We would definitely recommend Angie who as well as being extremely knowledgable and very kind also showed his enthusiasm and commitment to her profession. Thank you - a fantastic professional, friendly clinic. My daughter has gone back to uni feeling reassured and her feet have improved so much already! 



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