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Do you suffer from foot, ankle, knee or lower back pain?

Have you noticed your feet rolling inwards when walking or running?

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints or tight muscles?

Or even suffer from Achilles tendonitis?

Our Phits 3D Orthotics are designed using Footscan gait analysis and prescribed to you, your lifestyle, activity and condition and could be the answer you have been searching for.


Phits 3D Orthotics are specialist insoles that fit into your footwear and provide the most effective way to treat painful conditions of the foot, lower limb, and lower back. They prevent further injury through optimising your biomechanics (see our Gait Analysis page).

How do our Phits 3D orthotics take you from pain and discomfort to being Pain free, active and confident in your activity and everyday lifestyle?

They help improve your foot function and provide stable foundations for your body’s musculoskeletal system. You will stand, walk, and run more efficiently.

At Podiatry and Chiropody Clinic we use the most advanced prescription orthotics - Phits 3D.

Using Phits we will design activity, condition-specific, children’s and dress orthotics. Whether you are a diabetic who needs cushioning or an athlete who needs stability and control, Phits 3D orthotics can help you.


Our highly experienced team, Martin and Angie take a holistic approach when they are assessing and consider more than just your symptoms to solve your problem. 

A common problem is when our feet roll in too much. This is called overpronation which often leads to wear and tear to the muscles and joints of the body. This may present as knee pain, pelvis misalignment, lower back pain and even headaches.


Standing up straight with no shoes

Standing on the stretch board with ankle joints at 15 degrees dorsiflexion. Bent forward at the waist due to very tight calf muscles.


Standing up straight on the stretch board wearing orthotics in the shoes. The orthotics enable ankles to function more effectively.

We also offer you a specialist selection of off-the-shelf orthotic insoles. When prescribing an orthotic there is a lot to consider therefore, we do not recommend shopping online. 


You will need either a Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Assessment or a Foot & Ankle assessment for prescription orthotics.


We offer you great orthotic support in summer style from our fully customisable Flopthotics. Your prescription is built into them so your days of aching feet and sore back often felt in a standard flipflop are over.


Very happy with my new orthotics. I asked for a foot cast and then the mouldings are made in carbon fibre. Excellent result. Very good and friendly service. Definitely recommend 👍.

A professional and very friendly service. My orthotics have almost eradicated problems I had since childhood with a weak and painful knee joint. Walking is now pleasurable again!

Martin has helped me cope with Plantar Fasciitis that was extremely painful by using Kinesio taping and orthotics Many thanks.




• Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Assessment            with Footscan Gait Analysis -

• Follow Up Consultation -

•  Foot & Ankle Assessment -

•  Follow Up Consultation -

• Phits 3D orthotics -

includes fitting and follow up appointment 

•  Off the shelf orthotics start from -

•  Flopthotics -

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