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Footscan Gait Analysis - Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Assessment


Have you felt pain in your feet or lower limbs come on gradually, affecting your day-to-day activity or sport? You can’t always put your finger on how it came about, but you feel the performance of your body isn’t as good as you would like it to be. You resign it to age or activity............. please be assured we can help!


This assessment will identify which tendon, ligament, muscles and bones are being affected, injured or are degenerating.

We use Footscan gait analysis combined with our extensive medical knowledge when assessing you. The importance of this assessment is to reduce the chance of further degeneration, reduce the risk of further injury or recurrence of an injury and to help prolong the natural life of your muscles and bones. 

Footscan Gait Analysis

Footscan gait analysis will enable you to become more in tune with your body than you might have imagined.

Highly accurate 2D and 3D analysis offers the highest recording speeds available today and allows us to conduct professional and effective gait and movement analysis.


Once you have completed a series of static, balance and dynamic activities on the system we will turn to the laptop screen and guide you through your series of highly visual and informative results which will include:

  • Identification of gait, walking and running abnormalities from heel strike to toe off

  • Balance protocol for measuring functional movements - postural sway and foot stability

  • Identify high pressure loading through the foot - vital for Diabetic patients

  • Visually compare outcome measures - pre and post treatment

  • Assess potential risk of injury

Your full results will be sent to you as a PDF and will be used as a basis when considering orthotics, rehabilitation exercise or other treatment moving forward.

We also offer a specific Foot and Ankle assessment for conditions such as... 

Plantar Fasciitis, Mortons Neuroma, Achilles Tendonitis and Bunions.


Think longer-term and glide through life in the best shape to keep you strong and mobile. Stability and balance may become an issue as we get older. Many people come to us in older life complaining about their deformed feet which would have been easier to treat years earlier. We have many great solutions for older feet but being studiers of gait, we see feet going wrong from an early age. Currently, it is not our culture in the UK to look after feet as early or as often as we look after our teeth. We aim to give you the tools to change this and to love your feet throughout your amazing life.


To increase the success of your rehabilitation and reduce the chance of further injury this is your chance to boost your confidence and make all the difference.

Your tailored exercise prescription plan will be delivered online through our intuitive 'My Physio Rehab' platform with an easy to understand breakdown of your problem, muscles and joints involved, sets, repetitions, tempo and intensity and instructional video for each exercise.

After six weeks, we will review your progress in the clinic and when needed will set a follow-up plan for you to progress.


Exercise prescription plan -

We help children, adolescents and adults and offer a range of rehabilitation options to include:

  • Footscan Gait Analysis

  • Phits 3D and off the shelf orthotics

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Kinesio Taping

  • Footwear Advice

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New runner's heel inflammation

A really informative and most importantly, helpful visit to tidy up my feet and to deal with a new runner's heel inflammation. Very thorough and professional, pain much eased, and I learnt a lot about not just the way I should run to be kinder to my feet, but also how I could walk better too. Highly recommended.




• Foot, Ankle & Lower Limb Assessment -         including Footscan Gait Analysis

• Follow Up Consultation -

•  Foot & Ankle Assessment -

•  Follow Up Consultation -

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